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Morocco: Marriages resume after two months of stand-by

Before Covid-19, the entire summer season, starting in June, was that of marriages par excellence, in Morocco.

This seems to be picking up again after the reopening of the offices of the “adouls” who have remained closed for almost two months. And the institution of marriage has taken on new colors and is once again on the rise!

In a statement, one of these auxiliaries of justice in Casablanca, affirmed that the number of people having presented documents of marriage authorization is in clear increase and exceeded 300 requests in a few days.

However, he lamented, adouls are faced with the difficulties inherent in the IT measures that the Ministry of Justice has imposed. And those concerned would like these administrative measures and procedures to be made easier and simplified by the ministry, concerning the processing of marriage authorization documents. And this, in the general interest, that of the adouls as much as that of the candidates ready to marry in just marriage.

As a reminder, and due to the risk of transmission of the Covid-19, the activities of several sectors have known a “stand by” since last March. The adouls offices also suffered the same fate until the resumption of activities was authorized, at the end of last May, subject to compliance with certain preventive health security measures.

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