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Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline: Penspen chosen for engineering

The British firm Penspen has just been selected to carry out the first phase of the pipeline’s preliminary engineering project to connect Morocco and Nigeria, the company announced.

Penspen, which specializes in providing engineering and management services for the oil and gas industry, has been awarded a contract by the National Office for Hydrocarbons and Mining (ONHYM) and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for the realization of the preliminary design and engineering phase of this gas pipeline, a route of 5.700 km.

This phase “consists of a detailed review of the results of the feasibility study conducted last July and an in-depth assessment of gas supply and demand,” says Penspen.

The firm also states that the phase will include an environmental impact study. The contract also covers the marketing and promotion of this ambitious project. At the end of the study, both parties will have an idea of ​​the next engineering phase before a possible final investment decision.

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