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Morocco opts for chloroquine against coronavirus

While in France, the subject has sparked a great debate, in Morocco, the sequence of events is weaving fluidly: Chloroquine will be deployed for the care of contamination by coronavirus.

In a note from the Minister of Health, Khalid Ait Taleb, it is explained that the ministry decided in consultation with the technical and scientific committee of the national program for the prevention and control of influenza and severe acute respiratory infections, the introduction chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in the management of Covid-19 confirmed cases.

As such, the essential elements for health professionals were also communicated, such as therapeutic protocols, criteria for transfer to intensive care.

It should be remembered, the government recently acquired from the Sanofi Morocco laboratory all the available stock of these two drugs. Today, the ministry highlights the importance of this care and the need for rational management of these products.

This is why, the stocks in question will be managed by the regional managers of the supply units and the pharmacy, “in a secure room, while drawing up a list of delivery by name by therapeutic class addressed to the care structures”, is it stated in the ministry document.

Also, any prescription must be made on a nominal prescription accompanied by the necessary information conditioning the delivery of said documents.

The Minister also instructs that all precautions be taken to respect the supply chain to ensure the safe use of these drugs. The entire process will indeed be traced and will be subject to regular monitoring to ensure the effective destination of these drugs to patients. “To do this, traceability should be ensured by the establishment of a management and dispensation register,” he said.

Nevertheless, Ait Taleb insisted on the attention to be paid to the use of these drugs for other pathologies other than the coronavirus. Here too, a traceability process will be deployed to ensure rigorous monitoring.

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