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Morocco participates in UK-Africa Investment Summit

Twenty African countries and fifteen heads of state, English-speaking, Portuguese-speaking and French-speaking attend for two days from this Monday at the first Great Britain-Africa summit on investments (UK-Africa Investment Summit) chaired by Boris Johnson.

A bit in line with the Russia-Africa Economic Forum, chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Egyptian counterpart Abdelfattah Al-Sissi last October, this summit is positioned in a post-Brexit perspective which will take place in a dozen days and which will end almost half a century (47 years) of common life and privileged partnerships with the European Union.

Also the United Kingdom hopes, from this meeting in which 21 African countries are taking part, to diversify its partnerships and see other horizons by coveting the African Continent and embarking on its conquest. Morocco is also participating in the event and the delegation is chaired by the Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani.

Strengthening its economic ties with Africa, with the aim of increasing trade and investment, particularly in energy and sustainable cities, is entirely within the British feasibility.

It is the first Anglo-African summit like that of Moscow and it will be an opportunity for London to show the time lost compared to other active powers on the continent like China, the United States, France and Russia “newly arrived” or more precisely announced late.

Among the heads of state expected in London, in addition to Boris Johnson (host country) initiator of this summit, let us quote the Congolese Félix Tshisekedi, the Nigerian Muhammadu Buhari or the Kenyan Uhuru Kenyatta. On the other hand, the South African Cyril Ramaphosa will not travel because of the problems facing his country (energy crisis), nor the Zimbabwean Emerson Mnangagwa who has not been invited.

The United Kingdom is also looking for new trading partners, it has done great art by inviting no less than 16 heads of state from the 21 countries represented to this first investment-oriented meeting. Boris Johnson will advocate for his country to be more active in Africa.

London considers Africa to have 8 of the 15 “fastest growing” economies in the world. Trade with Africa jumped nearly 14% to £ 36 billion last year and investment jumped 7.5% to £ 39 billion. A trend that the British want to reinforce especially in the mining and energy sectors.

To this end, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already announced that he will end his country’s support for the thermal exploitation of coal mines and coal-fired power plants.

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