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Morocco presents its tourist qualifications at Oslo International Tourism Fair

At the Telenor Arena exhibition center in Oslo, one of the most popular spaces of the Scandinavian tourism industry, which opened on Friday, Morocco is taking part in the exhibition to explore the diversity and richness of tourism in all its aspects.

The Moroccan pavilion is carefully designed by the Moroccan National Tourist Office, covering 50 square meters, offering a wide range of options to make Morocco’s destination more radiant among visitors and representatives of other countries.

The Ambassador of Morocco in Oslo, Mrs. Lamia Radi, present at the inauguration ceremony of the 2019 edition of the Oslo International Tourism Fair (11-13 January), which was held at the Exhibition Center in the heart of the Norwegian capital.

This major tourism gathering aims to highlight many of the world’s destinations as well as enhance the qualifications of each country.

The World Expo is a golden opportunity for travel agencies from around the world to offer their own direct tours or exploring tours of new places in Scandinavia or other surrounding areas.

The Moroccan pavilion, built according to Moroccan architecture, which combines modernity with tradition, offers visitors rich and attractive informative documents about the Kingdom’s tourism offerings, but also pamphlets that evoke the appeal of tourist routes, the beauty of natural sites and the charm of its historic cities.

In order to respond to inquiries and requests for information, documents are submitted in English and Norwegian. The hospitality aspect of the exhibition space has not been overlooked, as the media outlets and international tourism professionals have been allocated space for communication.

This year, Morocco is represented, by Royal Air Maroc and Air Arabia in Morocco, as well as Atlas Tours, based in Agadir, and Zabartravel, based in Ouarzazate and Mhamed El Ghazlan.

It was not surprising that the Moroccan pavilion witnessed from the first day the flow of many visitors to discover the tourist qualifications of the Kingdom, whether on the side of summer or cultural heritage, through rural tourism, and sports tourism in various specialized products (golf, walking …).

Every year, tens of thousands make the journey to discover, even rediscover the beauty of the Kingdom of Morocco. It is therefore clear that the country attracts more tourists from northern Europe.

According to the Moroccan National Tourism Office, the Nordic and Baltic countries reveal “good” numbers from Scandinavian destinations (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) by 119,000 tourists who visited Morocco in 2017, an increase of 27 percent over the previous year.

From Norway, the number of tourists rose by 30 percent in 2017 to 24,294 passengers, according to the representative of the Moroccan National Tourist Office, adding that the office also aspires to increase tourist flows in 2018.

Taking into account only the statistics recorded from the beginning of January until the end of October 2018, the trend will be positive. Where about 17,800 Norwegian tourists visited Morocco, an increase of 14 percent.
The cities of Marrakesh and Agadir, where Norwegian Airlines offers weekly direct flights to each, remain the most popular destinations for Norwegian tourists, the source said.

Indeed, Morocco can rely on a range of qualifications that enhance its attractiveness as a distinct destination. In addition to its temperate and sunny climate and geographical location at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, the country is blessed with unique tourist sites and attractions.

Every year, Scandinavian tourists visit Marrakesh, Agadir or Casablanca, as well as dozens of other Moroccan destinations, looking for beauty and the luxury of the red city in particular.

The Oslo International Tourism Fair, which covers an area of ​​12,000 square meters, hosts more than 180 exhibitors from different continents, according to organizers who expect at least 30,000 people to visit this year.

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