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Morocco, President of the Arab Electricity Union

Morocco was taken to the presidency of the Arab Electricity Union (2019/2021) at the sixth general congress of this institution, which began its work Wednesday in the Dead Sea region in Jordan, with the participation representatives from about 35 countries and Arab and foreign organizations, as well as industry experts.

In a statement, Abderrahim El Hafidi, Director General of the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) stressed the importance of redoubling efforts to reposition the Arab Union electricity in the global energy and power system at a time when more than 10 million people in the Arab world do not yet have access to electricity.

He added that Morocco will present a roadmap to breathe new life into this Arab institution in order to meet the challenges in the electricity sector at the global and Arab level, noting that during administration, proposals will be submitted to review the status of the Arab Electricity Union.

Morocco will also make proposals for the implementation of studies carried out in the framework of electricity interconnection between Arab countries, he noted.

The electricity interconnection between Arab countries remains a dream, he said, recalling that Morocco is among the first countries to have developed electricity interconnection with Algeria and Europe via Spain and is currently working to establish the electricity interconnection with Portugal, Mauritania and the Sahel.

Morocco has adopted an efficient policy aimed at developing electricity generation capacities from renewable energies by setting clear objectives in order to reach 42% in 2020 and 52% in 2030 of clean energy in the energy mix. from the country. He pointed out that after the launch of several renewable energy projects, Morocco will be able to exceed these objectives by 46 or 47% in 2020 and more than 52% by 2030.

This conclave will discuss the state of play and prospects of the electricity sector in the Arab world. Participants will also discuss challenges in relation to this energy segment by developing a roadmap for the next stage.

Several topics will be screened, including the inter-Arab electricity connection, the electrical link between the Arab world and Europe, Asia and Africa, the common electricity market, nuclear energy to generate electricity in addition to desalination sea ​​water and several other topics.

On the sidelines of this two-day event, is a fair of companies manufacturing electrical equipment from the Arab world and elsewhere.

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