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Morocco produced 35% of its Electricity from Renewables in 2018

The Minister of Energy, Minerals and Sustainable Development, Aziz Rabah, said Wednesday in Rabat that the share of renewable energies in the national electric package reached 35 percent by the end of 2018, which means that the installed capacity exceeds 2965 MW.

During the opening of the second edition of the ministry and media day, Rabah highlighted that the ministry is working on developing an additional capacity of 10,000 megawatts of renewable sources, including 4,500 MW, 4200 MW and 1300 MW by 2030.

In order to achieve the objectives set in accordance with the deadlines, the Minister, in coordination with all partners and actors in the field of energy, is working to activate the programs and reforms within the framework of this strategy.

The minister pointed out that Morocco is engaged in the transformation of energy reflected through the reserve margin of electric power is very satisfactory, reducing energy dependence from 98 percent to 93.9 percent now thanks to the increasing presence of renewable energies.

Mr. Rabah stressed the need to activate the energy strategy in order to face the obstacles related to responding to the increasing demand. He pointed out that reducing the percentage of energy dependence abroad is mainly based on the development of renewable energies, energy efficiency and promotion of regional integration.

The increase in demand for energy during the last decade has been recorded (by about 4.1 percent annually), indicating the high energy dependency ratio (93.9 percent in 2017) with a energy bill of 69 billion dirhams in 2017.

The Minister pointed out that the transport sector is one of the main consumers of energy with a share of 38%, followed by the construction sector (33%) and the industrial sector (21%). He pointed out that the national strategy for energy efficiency, June 2017, proposes programs that will enable a 20 percent energy economy by 2030 by targeting the most energy-consuming sectors.

Mr. Rabah explained that the first part of this strategy will be implemented within the framework of a program-contract over the next five years, between the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency and the relevant ministerial sectors and bodies.

The year 2019 will also include the completion of the first part of the study of the project of energy efficiency in public administrations and buildings, funded under the program of cooperation between Germany and Morocco with a financial envelope estimated at 3 million dirhams.

With regard to the mineral activity, the official stressed that as part of the global market dynamics, the Ministry continues to adopt structured workshops aimed at improving transactions to reach 15 billion MAD, three times the current level, and doubling its exploration investments tenfold, 4 billion dirhams, with the creation of thirty thousand direct jobs.

On the geological sector, Mr. Rabah explained that the national road map for the development of geological and geophysical infrastructures at the national level is mainly aimed at the development of geological and geophysical artefacts through the development of a portal for the dissemination of geo-scientific information produced by the energy and mineral sector and the further digitization of geological maps. This road map will enable full coverage of some of the target areas by the 2025 horizon.

The meeting include presentations of various strategies, legal systems and economic activities of the sectors and institutions of the ministry. The launch of the Moroccan network of energy and sustainable development journalists was also known as the “Green Move”.

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