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Morocco ranked 3rd in the Sahel International Cycling Tour of Mauritania

The Moroccan national cycling team (B) took third place in the second edition of the international cycling tour of the Sahel, which took place from 19 to 23 March in Mauritania (bronze medal).

The first place of this round went to the France team, followed by the Libyan team.

The first place was won by the French Klein Maderin Fall, while the 2nd and 3rd places returned respectively to the Libyan Alaadine Hamoudi and the Moroccan Seyid Al Moutawakkil.

The tour, organized by the Mauritanian Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Mauritanian Bicycle Federation, was held in commemoration of the National Sports Day, which was recognized by the Mauritanian government in 2012 and coincides with the beginning of the month. April, linking the states of North Nouakchott, Enrchiri, Adrar and Tiris Zemmour.

This edition, which kicked off last Tuesday at the Olympic Stadium in West Nouakchott, saw the participation of 15 teams representing African and European countries composed of 68 cyclists and a caravan of 180 people.

The Moroccan national cycling team, led by Abdelaati Saadoun, includes six riders: Anouar Rahmou, Hicham Akkaoui, Mohamed Riggou, Yassine Berjali, Mohamed Medrazi and Amine Aziki.

The first edition of the International Cycling Tour took place in April 2018 in four phases, with the participation of 43 cyclists from five African countries. It was won by the Moroccan cycling team and individual.

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