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Morocco ranks 73th in the Corruption Perceptions Index

Morocco achieved a remarkable improvement in the results of Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index 2018, moving from 81 to 73, eight points ahead of Maghreb countries.

Corruption Perceptions Index, based on 13 surveys and corruption assessments conducted by experts to determine the extent of corruption in the public sector in 180 countries and territories by assigning a score of 0 (the most corrupt) and 100 (most honest). Thus, the country was able to progress by three points compared to 2017, which received a rate of 40 points.

Morocco ranks top in the list of Moroccan countries, followed by Tunisia at the same rank, Algeria ranked 105th internationally; the United Arab Emirates ranked first in the list of Middle East and North Africa countries at the 23rd rank internationally, followed by Qatar at 33rd, Jordan and Saudi Arabia at level 58 internationally.

The index recorded what he called “the continuing failure of most countries to effectively reduce corruption contributes to the worsening of the crisis of democracy in the world,” with more than two thirds of the countries score less than 50 points, while the rate of 43 points. Since 2012, only 20 countries have made progress, including Estonia and Ivory Coast, while 16 countries have fallen significantly, including Australia, Chile and Malta.

“Given what we see as a threat to democratic institutions around the world, often by leaders with an authoritarian or populist orientation, we must do more to strengthen democratic checks and balances and to protect the rights of citizens,” said Patricia Moreira, Executive Director of Transparency International.

“Corruption is slowly eroding the democratic system and ultimately leads to a vicious circle, where corruption weakens democratic institutions, and, in turn, because of its weakness, it becomes less able to fight it,” Moreira said.

Denmark and New Zealand are the top two, with 88 and 87 respectively. While Somalia, South Sudan and Syria occupied the lowest rank of the index, which received successively 10 and 13 degrees.

Comparative analysis of data on democracy in the world revealed a correlation between corruption and the level of democracy. Full democracies achieved a score of 75 in the Corruption Perceptions Index, while democracies registered a score of 49. The hybrid systems, which are characterized by some authoritarian tendencies, have been recorded at 35 degrees. It was the weakest rate for authoritarian regimes, which registered only about 30 degrees in the Corruption Perceptions Index.

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