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Morocco ranks 81st globally in e-commerce index

Morocco was able to make significant progress in the United Nations e-commerce index, which monitors the appetite of UAE nationals to purchase online, which included 151 countries. It scored 50.9 out of 100, but could not outperform Tunisia in comparison to Algeria.

Morocco ranked 81th in the world, ranking 5th in Africa, lagging behind Tunisia in the Maghreb, which ranked fourth in Africa, while South Africa was third, while Mauritius remained top of the list of online buyers in Africa, followed by Nigeria.

The United Nations e-commerce index, released Monday under the African Week on e-commerce, organized in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi from 10 to 14 December, showed Morocco ranked 10th in the Middle East and North Africa.

Gulf countries have been at the top of the list of buyers electronically, making rapid progress in the spread of the Internet and the strengthening of banking services and the use of credit cards; making it the largest market for e-commerce in the region. The United Arab Emirates remains the leader in this field, followed by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

In the details of the same global index, which placed the Netherlands at the top of the world ranking, the Kingdom is different in the classification indicators of countries, the weak in terms of performance, as is the rate of use of bank cards, the relatively average as the degree of security of the server and the volume of delivery services, Internet usage rate.

Singapore ranked first among the top ten countries in Asia, with economies in transition in the field of e-procurement, while the UAE topped the list in North Africa and the Middle East, followed by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, but Morocco was outside these countries because it needed Increase the pace of e-commerce.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is based on a country-by-country classification of the e-commerce index into four criteria; the first is the rate of Internet use, the second is server security, the rate of use of bank cards, and finally the volume of delivery services.

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