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Morocco ranks 94th in the Global Knowledge Index 2018

Morocco recorded a significant decline in the 2018 Global Knowledge Index, moving from 77 in 2017 to 94 out of 134 countries surveyed, down 17 places at once.

In the World Knowledge Index launched by the Mohammed ben Rashed Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Morocco scored 41/100.

The rates obtained by the Kingdom in the indicators on which the World Knowledge Index is based are: 48.8 points for pre-university education, technical education and vocational training 42.0, higher education 33.2, research and development and innovation 20.3, ICT 49.2, With a 44.8 piping and enabling environments at an average rate of 50.5.

The index is calculated across five levels, with a minimum of 133 variables covering the various vital sectors of the country, such as enrollment and graduation rates, school waste, literacy, unemployment and life expectancy, e-government index, political stability, regulatory and legal frameworks, patents and special indicators. Business, quality and availability of human resources, students, teachers, labor force, researchers and other vital indicators.

At the level of the Arab countries, the UAE ranked first, ranked 19th in the world, and also ranked second in the world at the level of the economy.

Tunisia was ranked first in north africa and 82th in the world, after last year’s report ranked second behind Morocco, which was ranked first at the Maghreb level before falling to second place in 2018, while Algeria is ranked 104th.

Internationally, the World Knowledge Index, which took place during the opening of the Knowledge Summit 2018 in Dubai under the title Youth and the Future of the Knowledge Economy, stated that Switzerland retained its top position, followed by Sweden, Finland, the United States of America and Luxembourg.

The results of the Knowledge Knowledge Index for 134 countries were released under the umbrella of Knowledge for All, a joint initiative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Mohammed ben Rashed Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation.

The “Knowledge Summit 2018” brings together more than 100 high-level speakers from experts, decision-makers and stakeholders from over the world in more than 45 panel discussions on various topics related to youth and the knowledge economy, and ways to transform communities from consumer to knowledge producer.

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