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Morocco satisfied with latest resolution on Sahara

Morocco welcomes the adoption on Tuesday by the UN Security Council of resolution 2468 on the Moroccan Sahara, which “largely meets the expectations” of the Kingdom, said the Ambassador Permanent Representative of Morocco United Nations, Omar Hilale.

The resolution commits the roundtable process as “the one and only way” to reach the political solution to this regional dispute, Hilale said at a press conference at UN headquarters in New York following adoption by the Security Council, by a large majority, of resolution 2468 extending the mandate of MINURSO by six months.

“As you can see, the Council no longer mentions a fifth round of negotiations, thus meeting a fundamental requirement of Morocco that the current process must stand out and learn from the failures of the past,” said the ambassador.

He noted, in this regard, that the United Nations executive body thus welcomed the “positive momentum created by the two round tables held in December and March last and asked Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and the Polisario to engage seriously in the political process to identify elements of convergence”.

For Hilale, resolution 2468 specifically commits, after 2440, the role of Algeria as the “main stakeholder” in this dispute. “Algeria is urged by the Council to contribute to the search for the solution, on the same basis and on an equal footing with Morocco, until the end of the political process”.

“I would like to emphasize here that Algeria is quoted as many times as Morocco, in relation to the political process. In resolution 2414, Algeria was not mentioned in any paragraph,” said the Moroccan ambassador.

Likewise, the Security Council reaffirms in its third consecutive resolution on the Sahara issue that the ultimate purpose of the process, which is exclusively UN, is to reach a political, realistic, pragmatic, durable and compromise-based solution to this dispute, he said again.

“Welcoming, in this context, the seriousness and credibility of the Moroccan Initiative of Autonomy, the council has erected for the 13th consecutive year as the only appropriate solution to the dispute over the Sahara”, noted Hilale, adding that the Council recognizes, thus, that the settlement of this dispute can be done only within the framework of the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Kingdom.

And to point out that the Council has, once again, reaffirmed that all unachievable plans before 2007 are definitely buried, and that it has clearly and definitively linked self-determination to compromise. “This is perfectly in line with Morocco’s position, expressed at the 2nd round table, that self-determination does not mean either referendum or independence. Autonomy is the perfect incarnation of this compromise demanded by the Council,” said the Moroccan ambassador.

In this resolution, the Security Council, in the same way as the Secretary General of the United Nations, has welcomed the calm that reigns in the Moroccan Sahara, said Hilale again, adding that it is a “recognition and an eloquent testimony” of the socio-economic achievements and political progress recorded by Morocco in its Southern Provinces and which perfectly meet the expectations and aspirations of the people of the Moroccan Sahara, living in peace and well-being .

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