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Morocco: Spanish companies contributed to the creation of 14.000 jobs

The results of Spanish companies in Morocco in terms of job creation 14 thousand jobs. This was confirmed by the head of the employers’ organization in Spain Antonio Garamendi.

Garamende, who was speaking in a press statement explained that these companies, particularly active in sectors such as agriculture, agro-food industries, tourism, the automotive industry, transport, logistics, construction and textile, etc., adding that this presence and the extraordinary commercial presence of many Spanish companies and contractors in Morocco contributed to the creation of more than 14 thousand jobs without counting indirect jobs.

Garamendi, who participated in the Moroccan-Spanish Economic Forum organized by the General Union of Moroccan Contractors and the Employers’ Organization in Spain on the occasion of his official visit to Morocco on 13 and 14 February, the Spanish Kingdom stated that the excellent economic relations between Morocco, In Spain Antonio Garamendi to continue to support and strengthen agreements and programs of cooperation between businessmen organizations and investors in Morocco and Spain, stressing in a statement on the great potential available for the development and development of Economic activity between Morocco and Spain in many areas.

Mr. Antonio Garamendi, Chairman of the Employers’ Organization in Spain, stressed that the complementarity between the Moroccan and Spanish economies supports and strengthens the growing presence of the various productive centers in many sectors and fields in Morocco.

The spokesman also stressed the increasing presence of production centers in Morocco and the integration of these centers of companies and contractors important active in many sectors, especially vital in the global value chains encourages the integration of the Moroccan and Spanish economies and enhance their investment efforts and thus contribute to the creation of wealth across the Straits of Gibraltar

The President said that there are significant investment opportunities in the industries of export, textile, automotive, aviation and electronics in addition to the possibilities available in a range of sectors and other activities directed to the local market, especially in the services, transport, logistics, engineering and consulting.

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