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Morocco spied on by the CIA for more than half a century

The Kingdom, like other countries, neighboring or distant, has long, very long, in fact for more than half a century, been spied on by American and German services.

It is an investigation revealed by the German chain ZDF and the Washington Post, on the basis of classified documents, which specifies that in fact, several countries, including Morocco, had entrusted with confidence the mission to keep secret the communications of their spies, soldiers and diplomats, to a Swiss company.

The company, Crypto AG of its name, which had sold its equipment against fortunes, happens to be, using a rather complex arrangement, a property of the CIA, within the framework of a long-standing partnership secret and only known to Germany.

In fact, the countries that acquired the equipment, which were in fact rigged, had no idea that their codes were “broken” and all their secrets disclosed, de facto, by Crypto AG to the German and American secret services.

The CIA report notes in this regard that “foreign governments were paying a lot of money to the United States and West Germany for the privilege of having their most secret communications read by at least two (and maybe up to five or six) foreign countries.”

Friends and enemies alike

According to the Washington Post, the American and West German services “monitored the Iranian mullahs during the hostage crisis of 1979, provided information on the Argentine army to Great Britain during the Falklands War, followed the campaigns murder of South American dictators and surprised Libyan officials welcoming the bombing of a Berlin nightclub in 1986”.

Over the years, and as the list of Crypto customers grew, the world had become a sort of catalog for Americans and Germans, who thus had a “head start” on major events.

If Saudi Arabia sympathizes in the early 80s among the “biggest customers of Swiss business”, followed by Iran, Italy, Indonesia, Iraq, Libya, Jordan and Korea from the South, Africa was no exception to the rule.

The Washington Post has published a map showing that 18 African countries were being spied on using Crypto AG equipment, including the five Maghreb countries, namely Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Libya and Tunisia.

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