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Morocco strengthens security control over Ceuta fences

Moroccan authorities have tightened border controls to prevent migrants from sub-Saharan Africa from entering Spain through the border fence of Ceuta.

Moroccan forces have set up fixed observation posts at several points by 8.2 kilometers from the border between Ceuta and Morocco.

The aim of these measures is to monitor hundreds of migrants who are in Moroccan mountains waiting for an opportunity to enter Ceuta illegally.

Due to the vigilance of the Moroccan side, there have been no attempts to emigrate since August, and in December there was an attempt by 200 migrants to enter Ceuta via the road.

Last year, 64,928 illegal immigrants arrived in Spain, a 131% increase over the previous year. According to the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, most of them (57,498) arrived by sea.

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