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Morocco: Sun, Sea and Cosmetic Surgery

In addition to tourism, Morocco now offers foreign visitors another attraction: plastic surgery clinics.

The main growth areas are cosmetic surgery, laser eye surgery and dental tourism. Cosmetic surgery in Morocco can cost between 30% and 50%, much cheaper than in Europe.

The country has 80 specialists and 12 cosmetic surgery clinics. 15% of the 14,500 cosmetic surgeries performed each year in Morocco involve foreign patients. This would give this country a little over 2,000 medical tourists a year.

Women represent 75% of foreign patients…Liposuction, breast enhancement are the most frequently performed operations according to the Moroccan Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SMCPRE).

The medical tourism industry, which is constantly growing, now represents 60 Billion euros per year.

But before you go to Morocco during one of your trips to see this beautiful country and you make a beauty, be aware of the legal problems that are likely to arise, because this industry has its difficulties and its unique challenges for them. consumers and suppliers. So be sure to do some thorough research.

In this issue, Dr. Mohamed Jamal Guessous, plastic surgeon explains why Morocco is becoming a destination of choice for medical tourism, but especially for plastic surgery.

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