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Morocco: The argan tree occupies an area of 830 000 ha

The argan tree biosphere reserve (RBA) in Morocco covers an area of ​​about 2.5 million hectares (all forest species combined) and the argan tree occupies the largest share with an area of ​​830,000 hectares.

This reserve, recognized by UNESCO in 1998, is characterized by its socio-economic multifunctionality and its unique ecological aspect, according to a document distributed on the eve of the 5th edition of the International Argan Congress to be held on the 10th and 11th December in Agadir.

The argan tree, which grows only in Morocco, is a tree endemic to the south-west of the country. As part of the “Green Morocco” Plan, the argan sector has a program contract (2012-2020) for the development of the sector, signed between the government and the Interprofession according to an integrated vision that aims at developing the various links in the chain from upstream to downstream.

The strategic objectives of this program-contract consist in the rehabilitation of 200,000 ha of the argan tree, the domestication of the argan tree and the extension of its culture in modern driving over 5,000 ha, the increase in the production of oil Argane and the setting up of projects for a modern and efficient promotion and promotion of argan products.

The first edition of the International Argan Fair taking place from 7 to 10 December 2019, was an opportunity to consolidate the synergies between the various economic actors and organizations interested in the development of this vital sector.

The show brings together all the players in the sector: producers, processors and exporters who have the opportunity to discuss the reality of the sector, the challenges and growth prospects to be targeted in the years to come.

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