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Morocco: The fifth largest exporter of cars to the EU

Winds favorable for the automotive industry in Morocco. The kingdom is among the top 6 car exporters in the European Union (EU) by volume, according to the latest report from the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA).

With 283,614 units exported to EU countries in 2018, Morocco ranks fifth in the ranking of the top foreign car exporters on the European continent. It figures behind Turkey (784,719 units), Japan (683,176), South Korea (540,788) and China (319,800), and ahead of Mexico (271,880). It accounts for 7.8% of all cars exported to the EU.

This figure has increased by almost 18% (17.7% exactly) since 2017, when the number of cars manufactured in Morocco exported to the EU amounted to 240,908 units.

In terms of value, however, Morocco is stolen by the giants of the automotive industry, Japan in the lead, which sold 9.9 billion euros of cars in the EU. The Asian country is followed by Turkey (8.7 billion euros), South Korea (7.1 billion euros), the United States (5.5 billion euros), Mexico (5.2 billion euros) and South Africa (4 billion euros). These six countries account for almost 90% of the total value of cars imported by the EU last year.

Regarding the export of commercial vehicles and buses, Morocco is also in a good position in terms of value. In 2018, it sold 234 million euros of such vehicles in the EU, compared to 201 million euros in 2017, an increase of 16.6%. He comes in fourth place behind Turkey, South Africa and Thailand.

Last year, 79 million cars were sold worldwide, a decrease of 0.8% compared to 2017. The year 2018 was marked by a slight decline in the car export volumes of the EU (-1.6%) and a substantial increase in imports (+9.3%).

The Association of European Automobile Manufacturers is one of the leading automotive lobbies in the European Union. It comprises fifteen members: BMW Group, CNH Industrial, DAF Trucks, Daimler, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford of Europe, Honda Motor Europe, Hyundai Motor Europe, Jaguar Land Rover, PSA Group, Renault Group, Toyota Motor Europe, Volkswagen Group, Volvo Cars and Volvo Group.

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