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Morocco: The list of 15 Consuls General appointed by Bourita

15 Consuls General have just been appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This movement concerned 25% of the Kingdom’s consular posts and covered 15 posts in 9 countries, in North Africa (Algeria), in Europe (Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Belgium).

20% of the positions filled were entrusted to women leaders (Dusseldorf: Mrs. Ait Bassidi, Frankfurt: Ms. Kerdoudi, Lille: Ms. Rikki).

The appointments ensured the reconciliation of the promotion of mastery and consular experience proved (Madrid: Mr. Fellous, Barcelona: Mr. Bidoud, Algeciras: Mr. Rafaoui), with the injection of new blood through frames entering the consular sector for the first time, says a source in the ministry.

Here is the list:
Mr. Said HAL: Consul General in Algiers
Mr. Khalid RAFAOUI: Consul General in Algeciras
Mr. Abdelmounaim FELLOUS: Consul General in Madrid
Mr. Abdallah BIDOUD: Consul General in Barcelona
Mr. Charif CHERKAOUI: Consul General in Seville
Mrs. Loubna AIT BASSIDI: Consul General in Düsseldorf 7.
Mrs. Boutaina El KERDOUDI: Consul General in Frankfurt
Mr. Abdechakour GANBOUR: Consul General in Utrecht 9.
Mr. Omar Al KHAYARI: Consul General in Rotterdam 10.
Mr. Abdelkader EL JAMOUSSI: Consul General in New York 11.
Mrs. Nezha RIKI: Consul General in Lille
Mr. Fouad EL KADMIRI: Consul General in Montreal
Mr. Mohammed KHALIL: Consul General in Bologna
Mr. Abdelmalek ACHERGUI: Consul General in Turin
Mr. Brahim RIZKI: Consul General in Antwerp

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