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Morocco: The second life of French retirees

The winter exodus begins for thousands of French retirees. Every year, around 30,000 of them would pack their bags and travel the 3,000 kilometers that separate them from our country, to settle there for 3, 4 or even 6 months.

Like swallows, these migratory birds leave the French countryside during the winter and reappear in the spring.

So go away these “young retirees” as they define themselves, bask in the sun and the sweetness of Moroccan life.

“Retirement is a second life,” says one of these young people, and Morocco likes them because “we eat well, we do what we want, as we want …”.

Fleeing the greyness of the Vienne, the Loire or the Aveyron, they trace their route to reach the Moroccan coast. Many come to settle on the beaches of Agadir where temperatures, more lenient allow them to take full advantage of their youth found.

For many, Morocco comes down to camping, a habit, tries to make them change by offering them, as a volunteer, to discover the area and meet the locals.

For these retirees, being old in Morocco is synonymous with being happy.

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