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Morocco Warns Germany of a Potential Terror Attack at Stuttgart Airport

Morocco’s intelligence services have warned Germany of a potential terror attack at Stuttgart airport.

Moroccan intelligence intercepted suspicious phone calls between two individuals about a future attack and immediately informed their German counterparts of their suspicions and the suspects’ names.

The German television channel SWR reported that the two suspects were heard planning an attack while surveying Stuttgart airport.

According to the suspects’ phone calls, their motive was revenge against Western policies.

“They are waging war against Islam; my brothers and I are here to fight them,” said one suspect over the phone. “Will I be alone?” asked a suspect. “No, we are many,” the second responded.

German authorities confirmed that surveillance cameras filmed two individuals, who drove up in a white Mercedes Sprinter, taking pictures of Stuttgart airport.

After identifying the van’s owner, a resident of the North Rhine-Westphalia state in western Germany, police began searching for the man and his son.

The too suspects, allegedly ISIS members, were also spotted taking pictures of the Paris CDG airport two days after the attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market on December 12.

Two other suspects were also seen photographing the airport.

Germany has put several airports on alert and mobilized police to protect passengers from the terror threat.

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