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Morocco will host the FAO conference for Africa in 2024

Morocco will arbitrate the next Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) regional conference for Africa scheduled for 2024. The 32nd FAO regional conference for Africa, which is being held in Malabo from April 11 to 14, approved Morocco’s bid to host the next regional conference in 2024, said a statement from the Kingdom’s embassy in Italy.

This event will strengthen cooperation between Morocco, FAO and African countries in order to meet the challenges of the region in terms of agriculture, rural development and food security, it is added.

The regional conference is responsible for carrying out high-level consultations to diagnose the specific problems of the region and the priority issues, which must be taken into account in the development of the program of work and the budget for the next biennium, and with a view to adapting the Organization’s longer-term objectives to the needs of the region.

The regional conference may make recommendations to the Member States of the region, to the Conference, to the Council, to the Director-General and, through the Director-General, to the Economic Commission for Africa and to the United Nations.

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