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Morocco will launch the first vaccination campaign with 10 million doses

As part of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, 10 million doses of the vaccine will be available in Morocco over the coming weeks, for a first step.

The first phase of the anti-Covid-19 vaccination first concerns health, national security and local authorities, given that they are the most engaged in the fight against the pandemic, said on Tuesday, Azeddine Ibrahimi, director of the biotechnology laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat. Elderly people and those with pathologies or chronic diseases will be taken into account in the second phase.

“We will try to do it, according to the priorities” continues Azeddine Ibrahimi, recalling that the World Health Organization (WHO), has already announced the recommendations on mass vaccination, giving priority to certain categories. Without forgetting that the vaccine will make it possible to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, through acquired immunity, for those who do not have natural immunity.

Urging Moroccans to get vaccinated for the seasonal flu, Ibrahimi stressed that “no company is going to risk offering a vaccine that is not very good, because it will ruin their entire business.” “I believe that everyone will understand that if he will not do the vaccine for him, he will do it for others and I hope that all Moroccans will get involved in this campaign,” he added.

As a reminder, last Monday, King Mohammed VI, led a working session based on the vaccination strategy against Covid-19. The Sovereign has given his High directives for the launch in the coming weeks of the massive vaccination operation, on a vaccination plan in two injections.

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