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Morocco’s vision to lead sustainable growth in Africa of renewable energies

Morocco expressed its ambition to become a pioneer in the field of sustainable development and green economy, conveying its commitment to the African continent to address climate change challenges at the “Africa green growth” forum held from October 26 to 29 in Rimini, northern Italy.

“Our country could soon reach the 50 energy objective from clean sources in its energy mix as a result of several investments undertaken in this sector,” Moroccan ambassador to Rome, Youssef Balla, said during the forum held on the sidelines of the international fairs Ecomondo and Key Energy.

Organized by the Mediterranean Renewable Energy Foundation (RES4MED), Key Energy and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the forum was an opportunity for exchange between African and EU institutions and green companies.

Balla recalled that Morocco has adopted, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, an integrated, participatory and comprehensive approach to implement a new development model (NDM).

Morocco will soon implement the framework of the NDM to expand its economic growth and investment opportunities in various sectors, particularly in renewable energies.

The NDM focuses on ensuring a safe transition to a green economy in line with international standards.

The ambassador stressed that the country has also established the 2020-2030 National Climate Plan, aiming to strengthen the ability to adapt and accelerate the transformation towards a low-emission economy.

The National Climate Plan’s vision also includes the implementation of national climate policies at the local level and the encouragement of innovation and awareness to better respond to the challenges of climate change.

Balla addressed several representatives of African countries regarding Morocco’s commitment to pursue regional and continental cooperation, emphasizing on the need to mobilize innovative financing to face sustainable energy challenges globally.

He stated that South-South cooperation is based on shared effort and solidarity, and that the North African country has contributed to a number of projects across the continent, including electrification, irrigation, and infrastructure.

The Director General of the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE), Said Mouline, explained that Morocco has been committed for several years in sustainable development, with renewable energies and energy efficiency as its priority.

With Morocco’s clear vision and proactive policy to achieve the initial goals of the energy sector, Mouline highlighted the new renewable energy bill and the constant efforts of several Moroccan agencies in the sector, namely the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN), the AMEE, the Institute for Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) and the Sun Cluster.

Mouline reiterated the social impact of renewable energies, citing the example of the Laayoune wind farm which has created, in particular, several job opportunities in the region.

As Africa’s potential in renewable energies and energy transition projects increases rapidly, Mouline called for the involvement of young skills to establish a solid infrastructure and encourage investment across the continent.

The forum, which aims to promote the promising future of wind energy in the transformation of the African continent, was marked by the participation of Italian companies operating in sub-Saharan countries as well as several other African representatives.

On this occasion, the Moroccan Embassy in Italy will be exhibiting a booth that will offer Ecomondo and Key Energy participants an interactive exchange platform to publish the country’s achievements in renewable energies.

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