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Murder of two foreign tourists in the area of Imlil: Act of Terrorism

A source close to the investigation into the murder of two foreign tourists in the Imlil area of ​​the province of Al-Haouz said that the hypothesis of the terrorist nature of this heinous crime remains uninhabited and that the investigation is continuing to form final convictions and to identify the real motives for what happened.

According to the same source, the research indicates that the number of suspects directly involved in the commission of this crime are four, one was arrested a few hours after the crime, and three others were identified and the search is underway to arrest them.

A video clip showing the execution of the heinous crime by a cold-blooded killer is being circulated. “The published tape can not be confirmed,” he said. “The ongoing technical expertise will be the final answer to this issue.”

According to newspaper sources, the four involved are youths, mostly from some of the popular neighborhoods and dawwir of the city of Marrakesh. They are engaged in free trades, such as trade and carpentry, one of whom was arrested by the security authorities, while the other three are being searched.

On Monday, two bodies of foreign tourists, one of Norwegian nationality and one Danish, were found in the province of Al Haouz, bearing the effects of violence at the neck level using white weapons.

The Central Bureau of Judicial Research, of the General Directorate for the Control of the National Territory, in cooperation and coordination with the Royal Gendarmerie and National Security, yesterday arrested a suspect in the murder of two foreign tourists in the Shamharosh area of ​​Imlil district in the province of Al Haouz.

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