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NATO: Morocco to host mega military exercise

On instructions from the King, Supreme Chief and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, the General of the Army Corps, Inspector General of the FAR, Abdelfettah Louarak, received this Monday at the level of the General Staff of the FAR in Rabat, Corps General Hans-Werner Wiermann, Director General of the NATO International Military Staff.

The talks focused on military cooperation between the Royal Armed Forces and the NATO Military Command, said a statement from the FAR General Staff.

To this end, the two managers, who expressed their satisfaction with the quality, solidity, excellence and sustainability of this bilateral cooperation, reiterated their common desire to strengthen it and deepen it further through sharing of experience and expertise, adds the same source.

Military cooperation between the two sides includes high-level meetings and visits, training courses, exchange of information visits, stops by NATO maritime groups and participation in various training sessions, the statement said.

Army General Hans-Werner Wiermann’s visit is part of preparations for the NATO regional exercise “REGEX 20” to be held this year in Morocco in November 2020, the source said.

This exercise focuses on interoperability in the areas of operational planning and force preparation. It will be attended by around 30 representatives from NATO partner countries, the statement said.

Since the start of the Mediterranean dialogue in 1994, Morocco and NATO have maintained distinguished and structured military cooperation with clearly identified objectives, which is part of the Mediterranean Dialogue.

It is governed by the Individual Cooperation Program (ICP) and by the Individual Partnership and Cooperation Program (IPCP), approved by the North Atlantic Council in 2010 and 2013 respectively, in the form of a multidimensional action plan, particularly targeting the training of military executives and the exchange of expertise as well as capacity building and interoperability in the defense field.

Note that Morocco, which has a permanent military liaison officer with the Atlantic Alliance, joined the NATO interoperability platform in 2016 to promote increased interoperability in directed operations and missions by NATO and, in 2017, Morocco and NATO reached an agreement to strengthen cybersecurity.

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