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Netanyahu’s son evokes Sebta and Melillia to defend Israel

Our neighbors to the north are back against the son of Benyamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister. And the Iberian ire was provoked by its publication on his Twitter account, concerning … Sebta and Melilia, the Moroccan enclaves occupied by Spain.

Yair Netanyahu, known for his provocations, has attacked his “dear Arabs and Muslims” to whom he asks to release, first, “the cities under Spanish rule” instead of striving to desire “to take the Hebrew State of lands which come to him by right”.

His inflammatory message does not spare his “dear Spanish people”. For example, Netanyahu’s son accuses Spain of occupying territories in North Africa and, at the same time, daring to ask Israel to return Palestinian lands to the Palestinians. “Consult the Bible,” he had the presumption to add. The Prime Minister’s son even went so far as to propose a “B2B” arrangement to the Spaniards: Israel will no longer finance the NGOs that, in Spain, are campaigning for Morocco to recover its property, Sebta and Melilia. In return, Spain will give up support for those in Israel who want the return of Judea and Samaria under Palestinian authority.

Of course, the outraged reactions in Spain were not long in coming. And it is by the voice of Santiago Abascal that the scathing riposte has come. The leader of the far-right party “Vox” protests against Yair Netaynhu’s remarks, calling him “frivolous and ignorant”, prompting an “Islamic invasion” of Spanish soil, recovered after the “reconquista” having lasted 800 years. Abascal forgetting that his party had deployed the Spanish flag on the heights of the Rock of Gibraltar, a British territory that Vox claimed to be de facto returning to Spain, knowingly omitting that Sebta and Melillia were Moroccan.

A subliminal paradox, and the Netanyahu offspring who wants absolutely and falsely, according to the Moroccan proverb “hide the sun with a sieve”, and Abascal claiming that Sebta and Mellilia are Spanish while aspiring that the Detroit Rochet of the same name come back in the lap of Spain.

But the historical facts are stubborn and prove, in one case as in the other, that the Zionist State and Spain are two countries occupying territories of other neighboring countries and, one day or another, they will restore the property of others that they have usurped.

With regard to the Moroccan northern cities, occupied by Spain, Fire Hassan II, a king and a visionary politician, had always repeated this profession of faith. Morocco will recover Sebta and Melilia when the United Kingdom retrocedes the Rock of Gibraltar to Spain. This, for a simple geopolitical reason, had supported the deceased sovereign. Namely, the great powers will not accept that Spain controls the two points of the Alboran Sea (“AlBahran” in Arabic). This “is between the Iberian peninsula in the north, Morocco in the south and the Strait of Gibraltar, in the west”.

And even without this Hasanian forecast, a Spanish historian had created a resounding polemic in Spain when he assured that the populations of Sebta and Melilia will be Muslim in a future he can not determine, and that they already obey the Commander believers.

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