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New cases of H1N1 flu in The Kingdom

Mohammed VI Hospital of Marrakesh hosted this Saturday, February 2, three cases of influenza A (H1N1), told Daily Morocco informed sources.

The three patients were transferred from Kelaât Sraghna to Marrakesh to receive the necessary care, specify the same sources.

Recall that the number of deaths from the H1N1 flu has increased to nine, according to a new assessment provided this Saturday by the Minister of Health, Anass Doukkali. The minister also assured that the epidemiological situation remains “normal” compared to previous years.

“Of the 20% of people with flu-like illnesses or respiratory tract infections, 80% have H1N1 flu,” said the minister, adding the dominant H1N1 subtype did not exceed 80 percent, the rate established by the World Health Organization.

The follow-up operation is carried out at the level of all the health centers and hospitals while the number of people who attended the hospitals increased slightly during the current week, compared to the previous seven days, “but no particular case has been found,” said the minister.

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