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New hard blow for Anas Doukkali

They are 122 doctors who have submitted a collective resignation, in protest of the catastrophic and deleterious situation of the health sector, according to them.

According to our sources, all of these resigning practitioners, members of the National Union of Public Health Doctors of the Beni Mellal-Khénifra region, are protesting against the disastrous conditions in which public health is plaguing and against the numerous evils that it suffers.

Therefore, adds the same sources, these 122 doctors insist that they can no longer work in such deleterious conditions where the medical benefits to which citizens are entitled are far from meeting the minimum standard.

“We can not take any more the role ingat to hold the candle and to mitigate the fiasco of the persons in charge of the sector, concerning the right of the citizens with the health and their rights of access to the care”, justify the practitioners, authors of this collective resignation.

The latest news, 63 doctors from the public sector of the Oriental region and 125 others from the region of Fez-Meknes have submitted this Friday their collective resignation.

Remember that 305 doctors practicing in northern hospitals had announced a few days ago, their collective resignation for the same reasons.

At present, some 995 public sector doctors across the country (including 300 practicing in the Casablanca region) have resigned.

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