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New rebound in the case of Omar Raddad

The case of Omar Raddad could be revived soon. The association Dynamic Morocco held Tuesday, March 12 a press conference at the Palais de Justice in Nice and called for the review of the Moroccan gardener’s trial sentenced in 1994 to 18 years in prison for murder. The association also asked to take into account the traces of DNA found on the scene of the murder and thus restart the case.

However, the Nice prosecutor had assured, early March, that the DNA expertise found on the scene can not prove anything “because we can not know if these traces are new or old.” And remember that these have been manipulated by several people since the time of the facts.

Najwa El Haite, lawyer and deputy mayor in charge of culture in Evry and Dynamic Morocco, indicated that the association requests the taking into account of these traces because the DNA of Omar Raddad does not was not found on the crime scene. He was sentenced only because of the sentence “Omar kill me,” she lamented.

Najwa El Haite also pointed out that “the DNA raised on the door where the famous sentence is written corresponds to the imprint of a stuck person”. “We demand that the found DNAs be compared to those of the relatives of the victim. If these analyzes are considered as new elements, we can seize the court of revision,” said the lawyer.

Recall that the association launched last November an online petition calling for a review of the trial of Omar Raddad. The petition, which has received more than 3,000 signatures, will be presented to French President Emmanuel Macron and Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet.

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