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New warning from The Kingdom to Iran

Morocco, through its Interior Minister, who leads the Moroccan delegation to the 36th Council of Arab Interior Ministers in Tunis, warned the Arab world against the hegemonic aims of Iran, its policy destructive and its support for terrorism.

Morocco has issued a new warning against Iran and its foreign policy. The reframing of Morocco to the Iranian hegemony and its maneuvers in the Arab world took place in Tunis, on the occasion of the 36th Council of Arab Ministers of the Interior. The message of Rabat was clearly conveyed through the intervention of the head of the Moroccan delegation, Abdelouafi Laftit, Minister of the Interior, at the opening on Sunday, the work of this council.

According to the media, which returns on this subject in its edition of Tuesday, March 5, the Moroccan minister pointed out the Iranian maneuvers which fuels the tribal antagonisms and the internal struggles to destabilize the Arab countries, in order to mark the way to his ideology. These threats, said the Moroccan minister, are not limited only to a specific Arab country, but extend to the entire Arab nation and unfold through means iniquitous in order to sow discord. In the same vein, the Moroccan Minister of the Interior stressed, Tehran’s maneuvers are orchestrated through the adoption of a destructive policy and financial and military support for acts of violence and terrorism. In this wake, Abdelouafi Laftit reminded the Arab world that the Kingdom was a target of these abject maneuvers threatening national security and terrorizing Moroccan citizens by supporting separatists and enemies of the territorial integrity of Morocco.

In this regard, Morocco reacted firmly and forcefully to the actions and maneuvers of Tehran, going as far as the rupture of diplomatic relations with Iran . The security of the Nation and its territorial integrity are insurmountable red lines. By maneuvering against the territorial integrity of the kingdom, Iran was aiming for the creation of a military command, ensuring its training and equipment in weapons. This support was visible in the Tindouf camps, reminds the media, by the floating of Iranian flags on the buildings of the separatists.

The Moroccan minister who, while clearly referring to it, did not mention Iran in its intervention, warned against this kind of actions that are detrimental to the security of countries and institutions and constitute fertile ground for spread of the phenomenon of terrorism.

Recall that Morocco had broken diplomatic relations with Tehran, between 2009 and 2016, and since May 1, 2018, because of the actions of Iran and its hegemonic policy in the Arab world.

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