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Nissan: Badreiddine Mansouri, new sales director for North Africa

Nissan Middle East has announced the appointment of Badreiddine Mansouri as the new North Africa General Sales Director.

Thus, Badreiddine Mansouri will be responsible for the development of the commercial operations and the animation of the network in the very promising market of North Africa (NAF). Nissan will now rely on its proven expertise to boost even more the presence of the brand in this strategic area that includes Morocco, Tunisia and Sudan.

In fact, Badreiddine Mansouri, a Franco-Moroccan graduate of EM Lyon Business School, has over 15 years of professional experience in the automotive, marketing and public relations industries. Polyglot with 5 languages ​​(English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Italian), Badreiddine Mansouri spent 6 years at Infiniti as General Manager in the Middle East and Europe.

Finally, Badreiddine Mansouri will manage the North Africa network from his office in Casablanca.

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