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Norway and Denmark authorities warn from hiking alone in Morocco

Authorities in Denmark and Norway have warned their citizens from hiking alone without local guides in Morocco after the bodies of two female Scandinavian tourists were found in the Atlas Mountains, a popular hiking destination.

Danish police said on December 19 it had sent an officer to Morocco to assist in the investigation. The bodies were found in a remote mountainous region, 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from the village of Imlil — often the starting point for treks to Mount Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak.

Moroccan authorities say at least one man has been arrested after the two victims in their 20s from Denmark and Norway were recently discovered. The corpses of two Scandinavian tourists were observed lying with cuts on their necks. The reports state that the women had been sharing a tent 10 kilometers from Imlil and their bodies were noticed lying inside the tent

Local media report that investigators have video surveillance showing three suspects putting up a tent near the victims’ tent and leaving the area after the slaying.

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