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Nuclear: AMSSNuR draws up its balance sheet

The Moroccan Agency for Nuclear and Radiological Safety and Security (AMSSNuR) carried out 127 inspection operations, in particular in the medical and industrial fields, covering some 344 installations and activities spread over the different regions of the Kingdom.

According to the annual report of the AMSSNuR for the year 2017, this inspection program set up by the Agency has led to the completion of 97 operations in the medical field, 22 in the industry sector and 7 in other sectors. This program aims to establish, at the national level, an inventory of the state of play with regard to the radiological and nuclear safety and security of activities and installations of ionizing radiation sources (IRS) and to ensure the radiation protection of workers, patients, the public and the environment.

It also involved the transport of radioactive sources (6 companies), the transit operation for radioactive materials at the port of Casablanca, the importer of radiological equipment (1 company) and the nuclear research reactor operated by the National Center of Energy, Nuclear Science and Technology Committee (CNESTEN).

In its first inspections carried out in 2017, AMSSNuR adopted a support and awareness-raising approach for NIS users, informing them of current legislative and regulatory provisions, as well as national and international standards for nuclear and radiological safety and security (RNSS). Thus, the first measure consisted in reducing the average processing time of files (from 15 to 21 days), well below statutory statutory deadlines (from 60 to 180 days), which enabled 810 authorizations for operators using IRSs in 2017, explains Managing Director Khammar Mrabit.

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