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OCP cutting sulphur dioxide emissions by 98 percent

OCP Group is implementing new technology at its Jorf Lasfar and Safi industrial platforms that will reduce sulphur dioxide emissions by a massive 98 percent.

Morocco, perhaps unbeknownst to some, is a massive producer and exporter of phosphate.

Home to around two thirds of the world’s phosphate reserves, the North African country sits in a higher league than major competitors and economic giants like China, Russia and the USA.

It is the frontrunner of a huge market, set to be worth $75 billion globally by 2021 thanks to a solid forecasted growth rate of 1.9 percent a year. By 2024, this demand will equate to some 88 million metric tonnes.

OCP Group is Morocco’s 95 percent state-owned phosphate powerhouse, the largest producer and exporter of the mineral in all its forms anywhere on earth. With exclusive access to the world’s largest phosphate reserves, the Company employs 23,000 people at numerous production and distribution sites and turned over $5 billion in 2017.

This revenue is derived from operations spanning the entire value chain, serving more than 160 customers across five continents.

“The Group is fully integrated, from mining to processing to the sale of phosphate products,” explains Hanane Mourchid, Head of Circular Economy. “Circular Economy is the programme promoting sustainability within OCP, including water and energy strategy, waste recycling, environmental performance and resources stewardship.

“OCP provides a wide range of well-adapted fertiliser products to enhance soil, increase agricultural yields, and help feed the planet in a sustainable and affordable way.”

Established with almost a century of expertise OCP has been a crucial player in the development of Africa’s agriculture industry, with sustainability now sitting very much at the heart of the organisation’s strategies.

In February 2016, OCP Africa was created, a subsidiary fully dedicated to the development of sustainable farming systems across the continent.

The Group puts Africa at the heart of its growth plan using a personalised approach and the newly created subsidiary aims to meet the challenge of a structured, efficient and sustainable agriculture sector.

OCP Africa provides farmers with all the means to succeed – access to adapted and affordable products, services and support, as well as logistical and financial solutions. As a world leader in the phosphate industry, OCP Group leverages all possible means to contribute to addressing the food security challenge and to meet the needs of present and future generations.

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