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OCP in the viewfinder of the Court of Auditors

The Court of Auditors published Monday, a summary on a management control mission within the Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP SA) on the mining activity at mining sites operated by the company.

This mission, which examined the main processes of the mining activity involving the extraction of the ore and its treatment through washing and flotation, was sanctioned by the issuing of recommendations and findings, it says in a statement from the Court. The mission focused on aspects related to the planning and scheduling of mining activities as well as phosphate processing. It also examined the use and maintenance of operating equipment in addition to environmental aspects related to mining activity.

In its executive summary, the Court of Auditors reports on a medium and long-term mining planning process that deserves to be better supervised and standardized between the different mines, and mining studies that require more refinement for a better control of the subsequent constraints of exploitation.

The note also emphasizes the interest of better studying the schedule of commissioning of new mines so as not to constrain the achievement of the objectives of increasing production capacities and the need for appropriate supervision of the process. acquisition of the land reserve to meet, in optimal conditions, the need to maintain and increase production and its security.

In addition, the Court of Auditors advocates “a process of annual programming of production that would benefit from being based on a unified and documented reference framework to overcome the problems encountered during its implementation during the year”, underlining a management inventories of phosphate at the level of the laundries to be improved to prevent just-in-time situations leading to disturbances in production programs.

The note also mentions operating equipment requiring a renewal and reform policy as well as a better follow-up based on computerized supports, professionalization projects for the maintenance of the operating equipment in need of a better energizing to serve the objectives of operational excellence.

It also reveals an accumulation of exploited and not yet rehabilitated lands which calls for redoubling the efforts made to make up for the delay registered in this direction and a mode of treatment of the sludge of washing causing losses of surfaces and an environmental impact which deserves to be better monitored and studied.

At the end of its mission, the Court of Auditors issued recommendations and proposals for improving the aspects dealt with, the main ones being the improvement of the mining planning system through the implementation of place appropriate and formalized processes and the development of the production programming system by complementing it with the implementation of standardized and formalized procedures.

The Court of Auditors also recommends the improvement of the methods of exploitation and use of mining equipment, the setting up of a monitoring support and annual action plans to control their implementation, the improvement of the exploitation of the capacities installed in the laundries for their best profitability and the development and the implementation of a renewal policy of the equipment park.

Likewise, it recommends the activation of the implementation of maintenance professionalization projects, the elaboration and implementation of major plans for the rehabilitation of exploited land and the search for solutions to control the extension of storage basins for washing sludge.

It is important to emphasize that, because of the sensitivity of the aspects dealt with in this mission and the nature of the data used, the publication of which could be prejudicial to society, the Court of Auditors, as force of the Supreme Audit Institutions at the international level, decided not to publish the report on this mission.

“Indeed, the company operates in a competitive field that assumes the protection of data relating to its productive capacity and its industrial processes, knowing that the entire report of this mission has been notified to the Chief Executive Officer of OCP. SA”, says the Court of Auditors.

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