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Official: Ramadan starts tomorrow in France

Ramadan will begin in France Monday, May 6, just announced the French Council of Muslim worship (CFCM) after a meeting at the Great Mosque of Paris.

“On the occasion of the beginning of the month of Ramadan 1440H-2019, corresponding to Monday, May 6, 2019, the Union of Mosques of France (UMF), presents its best wishes to the Muslims of France and wishes them to live during this blessed month great moments of tranquility, solidarity and sharing,” writes the UMF in a statement.

“The Union of French Mosques (UMF) calls on Muslims in France to live the spirit of this month of spirituality, filled with solidarity and generosity, by providing support to all those who work against poverty in the world,” and to “seize the opportunity of this blessed month to raise prayers for (…) peace and harmony between peoples and nations”, UMF adds.

Unlike other years, all components of Islam in France should start Ramadan at the same time this Monday. Proponents of astronomical calculation announced a few weeks ago the beginning of Ramadan for Monday, May 6. The French Council of Muslim Faith (CFCM) and the Union of Islamic Organizations in France (UOIF) have also announced that Ramadan will begin Monday, May 6 in France.

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