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ONCF Finally Present at The Trial of The Bouknadel Accident

Accused in the case of the accident of the TNR9 in Bouknadel, Larbi Rich again appeared today in front of the court of first instance in Salé.

This hearing, the fifth since the driver’s arrest in October, has resulted in a postponement to 11 December. The President decided to grant a time limit to the victims who have newly lodged a civil action, hence the referral. Indeed, seven wounded and rights holders of deceased victims have filed their applications on Tuesday.

In total, the accident that occurred on 16 October left 125 injured and 7 dead.

The only highlight of this fifth hearing is the presence, finally, of the National Office of Railways (ONCF), subject of a convocation for several weeks.

The representative of ONCF submitted his brief to the judge, while claiming the intervention of Wafa Assurance, his insurer. It is here question of playing subrogation, a mechanism that allows the insurer to bear the damage caused by the insured.

The railway company’s envoy also filed a certificate of insurance valid from 1 January to 31 December, 2018 at midnight. The certificate refers to the original contract which, for its part, dates from January 2009.

The certificate stipulates that the ONCF is insured “against the pecuniary consequences of its civil liability due to accidents caused to third parties and this, subject to the payment of premiums” may be due to Wafa Assurance.

For personal injury, material and immaterial damage, the limit of the guarantee is 110 Million MAD, according to the contract.

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