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ONCF targets 4 billion dirhams of turnover in 2019

On the occasion of ONCF’s Board of Directors, the general manager of the carrier announced a turnover of 3.4 billion dirhams for the financial year 2018. A year marked by the launch of the large-scale line speed and new concepts like the “Al Atlas” high-speed train and the nearby TNR trains.

Four billion dirhams. This is the projected turnover on which the National Railways Office (ONCF) plans for the year 2019. Speaking on the occasion of the Board of Directors held today, the director general of the Office, Mohamed Rabie Khlie, affirmed that the budget for the year 2019 was conceived under the sign of “the operational performance, prioritizing the improvement of the quality of the service, the optimization of the loads and the accompanying the national dynamics”. For the coming year, the ONCF plans to invest 3.3 billion dirhams.

According to its managing director, the year 2019 will be marked by the “finalization of the new development cycle 2019-2025, the launch of new infrastructure projects, the acquisition of new rolling stock and the further deployment of the freight strategy in logistics, thanks to the new capacities released and the joint venture partnerships being finalized,” says a statement from the ONCF. The same source also states that the Office will focus on the modernization of production facilities and equipment while initiating “digital transformation”.

Regarding the balance sheet for the year 2018, Rabie Khlie said that the ONCF achieved a turnover of 3.4 billion dirhams and a value added of 2 billion dirhams. Last year was particularly marked by the launch of the high-speed line, the main line “Al Atlas” and TNR proximity trains, as well as the opening of new stations.

According to the Director General of the Office, the “direct results in terms of customer benefits are palpable”. In support of this, Rabie Khlie said that travel times have been reduced, frequencies have been increased, and punctuality has been “greatly improved”. The same source indicates that 95% of trains arrived on time.

The assessment of the first three months of operation of these projects is largely revealing, he said, recalling that, during the period from January to March 2019, more than 600,000 passengers were registered aboard Al Boraq, more than 3 million in Al Atlas trains and no less than 4 million in fast shuttle trains (TNR).

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