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ONSSA strengthens its control during the month of Ramadan

The control services of the National Office of Sanitary Safety of Food Products (ONSSA) lead during the month of Ramadan strengthened control actions that concern the most consumed food products to protect the health of the consumer.

Food checks carried out by ONSSA’s services during the first 10 days of Ramadan concerned 120,897 tons of various products, distributed as follows:

On the local market, control actions carried out either in provincial mixed commissions or by ONSSA services alone concerned 44,111 tonnes of food products, of animal and plant origin, and resulted in the withdrawal of 143 tons of products unfit for consumption, it means 0.3% of the total controlled.

Thus, ONSSA’s inspection services carried out 6155 inspection visits, including 4532 in commissions, and 109 reports of direct findings of offense were drawn up.

On importation, 76,786 tons of various food products were checked by the competent services of ONSSA at the various border posts. Following these controls, 1013 tonnes were rejected for non-compliance with the regulatory standards in force.

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