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Opening of Jacques Chirac School Group in Rabat

Responding to the tradition of institutions accredited abroad to choose the name of a prominent French personality, the School Group Jacques Chirac has chosen to pay tribute to the former French president and his unwavering friendship for Morocco, announces a statement of the group.

In partnership with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), the School Group Jacques Chirac wants to be the school of tomorrow.

The Jacques Chirac School Group mobilizes expertise from a variety of backgrounds (recruitment mainly in France and internationally) based on the experience of its head of school, Yves Martel, from the AEFE network. Thus, by creating an inspiring universe for the well-being of students, the School Group Jacques Chirac intends to prove that educational success also goes through an optimal environment, according to the release.

Located in the heart of Rabat, on a campus of 14,000 m², the Jacques Chirac School Group offers a teaching space that revolves around the following values, according to the direction: innovation, accessibility, adaptability, collaboration, sustainable development and inclusion. In addition, the site has a space (Knowledge and Communication Center) with a 250-seat auditorium, a food court, an indoor sports hall, outdoor sports facilities, scientific laboratories and and spaces dedicated to languages, the arts and various extracurricular activities.

By opening 39 classes in September 2019, Jacques Chirac School Group brings new places to the network of French educational institutions in Rabat that will be subject to the rules issued annually by the cultural service of the French Embassy. Finally, the school will gradually open the other levels of college and high school.

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