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Orange, first operator to launch Wi-Fi 6 technology in Morocco

Orange is launching in Morocco a brand new Wi-Fi 6 repeater incorporating the latest generation Wi-Fi standard finalized in 2021 to enjoy faster and smoother WiFi everywhere in the house.

For a successful return to school, Orange recently announced promotional offers on fiber and darbox to allow every Moroccan household to benefit from an efficient and accessible Internet connection. In addition, Orange is also innovating to offer its customers the latest generation equipment for an exceptional WiFi experience at home.

Indeed, Orange is today the first operator to offer Wi-Fi 6 technology which significantly improves wifi speed (up to 1300 Mbps), connection speed, security (with the new WPA3 standard) but also battery life of compatible devices (via OFDMA technology). Also thanks to Mesh technology, the repeaters work in perfect synchronization for a seamless Wi-Fi connection.

Thus, through it, the new Wifi Repeater 6 allows a smoother experience for Internet browsing, streaming, videoconferencing or even online games, even when the whole family is connected.

Orange’s new Wi-Fi 6 repeater makes your router compatible with Wi-Fi 6, for example by connecting it to your Livebox Fiber router recently awarded “Product of the Year 2021” by Moroccans. Then, depending on the size of your home, all you have to do is install the other Wi-Fi 6 repeaters to extend your router’s Wi-Fi coverage, even in the most remote rooms.

Available as a first on orange.ma, both for professional customers and the general public, the Wi-fi Repeater Pack 6 integrating 3 repeaters is offered at MAD 2.999.

Orange is integrating this new product into its existing range of repeaters (compact W850RE repeater and ZTE 5 wifi repeater) available from 259 dirhams in order to improve the wifi connection of its customers. It should also be remembered that Orange also offers kid safety, a parental control solution without subscription for a studious start to the school year.

Orange in Morocco therefore offers with this new repeater, an effective response to the increase in the number of connected equipment in homes as well as to the diversification of uses, especially since Wi-Fi 6 technology is gradually equipping all new models of connected devices.

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