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“Ouled Ziane Camp”: Tuberculosis kills the bodies of African migrants

African migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, who live in the so-called “Ouled Ziane Camp”, a sports space dedicated to young people in the area, opposite the road station for the children of Ouled Ziane, live in the poverty-stricken districts of the Mers Sultan district of Casablanca.

The absence of any precise data on the health status of each of them, especially in light of the joining of the occasional number of immigrants who are added to those who are there, pending the realization of their dream to move to the other side, where they live in the form of groups and create communication relations among them may be have consequences on the health of the patients in one way or another with the patients.

Is a worrying health situation given the possibility of infection that will not necessarily remain confined to these migrants, as it can also be transmitted to Moroccan citizens, who are in contact or in direct contact with patients.

According to sources, a number of people infected with AIDS, as well as others infected with tuberculosis, which is transmitted quickly by the spray flying from the patient’s mouth, whether speaking and addressing the interlocutor, or in the case of sneezing and coughing, widens the circle likely to be infected during the interaction in one way or another with the patient or patients, and the situation is worse if related to drug-resistant TB.

Sick migrants, some of whom are discovered by accident, as is the case of the last medical campaign in the area organized by a civil society organization outside the labor territory, while others are living in a silent health situation, which raises more than a question mark on how to deal with this category that has been missed this sport space, and left there without the minimum conditions of decent living, and in the absence of preventive and healthy factors open to all repercussions.

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