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Oxfam advocates for a tax policy that reduces inequalities in Morocco

Oxfam in Morocco has formulated proposals for a more efficient, fair and efficient tax system in the implementation of a development policy against inequalities. The NGO brings together its analysis in a new report, entitled “Fair Tax Monitor: Analysis of the Moroccan tax system”.

In the context of the health crisis linked to the new coronavirus, leading to an increase in social spending, the report indicated that tax revenues, nearly 85% of that of the state budget between 2000 and 2018, “weigh heavily” on a part of the company, as is the case with income tax.

Oxfam also reports that Morocco has experienced growth in tax revenue over the past 20 years. However, its tax system struggles to keep pace with the changes in the wealth created. Thus, the economic recovery which has been impacted by the health crisis cannot be achieved without a tax system that reduces inequalities and makes it possible to finance fair public policies.

In the same vein, the NGO also advocates taxing high incomes and large fortunes, so that inequalities no longer widen sharply. It is also a question of relieving the pressure on the weak and the middle incomes, without forgetting to think about an environmental tax.

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