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OXFAM: In Morocco, only the rich benefit from growth

The NGO Oxfam said on Monday that in Morocco, growth benefits “a very small number of very rich people”. The NGO points to the many “tax privileges” that are mainly dedicated to multinationals.

Regarding the tax system, it is “ineffective in the fight for a better redistribution of wealth,” reports Oxfam.

The NGO goes further and even calls Morocco “one of the most unequal countries in North Africa”.

In this report entitled “An egalitarian Morocco, a fair taxation”, we can read that in 2018, the richest Moroccan billionaires alone held $ 4.5 billion, while in contrast, 1.6 one million people out of 35 million people were considered poor.”

Taxation is one of the black spots in the country according to this report which gives the example of VAT. It represents 30% of the Kingdom’s fiscal resources, but “does not apply to all sectors”.

A report that falls right with the 3rd national conference on taxation, scheduled for May 3 and 4. This event is intended to outline a new, more equitable, efficient and competitive national tax system for growth, jobs and social justice.

“The promotion of economic growth, job creation and the reduction of inequalities must be prioritized in the new tax policy”, explained the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the 3rd National Conference on Taxation, Mohammed Berrada.

“The reforms carried out in the past have made the Moroccan tax system relatively progressing compared to many countries in the world,” he said, noting, however, that with regard to future challenges, “it is necessary to a deep reflection on the modernization of the national tax system so that it is in step with the new realities of the Kingdom and the requirements of the new economic model in the making”.

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