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Oxfam: Morocco should join the black list of tax havens

According to the NGO Oxfam, Morocco should join the black list of tax havens if it does not apply the necessary reforms in terms of fiscal policy (tax transparency, fair taxation …).

The NGO has carried out a study to define the countries that should be removed from the black list of tax havens in the European Union, the countries that should integrate this list and those who will remain in the gray list.

For Oxfam, Morocco is one of 18 countries and territories that should remain on the gray list, but could also go from the gray list to the blacklist, including Bahrain, Cape Verde, Cook Islands, Dominica, Fiji, Granada. In question, the lack of reforms of tax practices in these countries. The NGO thus encourages targeted countries to reform their harmful tax practices or zero tax regimes. According to her, “all the reforms made by countries on the gray list do not go in the right direction, and some even worsen the situation.”

In addition, Oxfam concludes that the EU’s black list is “not coherent” and that the EU’s gray list is “not binding in view of the low level of commitments requested and the obsolescence of the criteria”, giving a lot to the main tax havens in the world for companies. By way of example, countries like, Singapore was already absent from the blacklist of 2017. Same observation for the British Virgin Islands (the main tax haven involved in the Paradise Papers) and Bermuda (where Google has transferred some $ 23 billion in profits in 2017).

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