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Oxford Business Group appoints new team in Morocco

Oxford Business Group (OBG), an economic consulting and consulting firm, announces the appointment of Oumnia Boualam as General Manager of OBG in Morocco and François Farne as Editorial Director.

“For the fifteenth anniversary of the presence in the Kingdom, the OBG team will take the lead in conducting field research in order to put forward the Moroccan government’s efforts to strengthen its regional competitiveness by putting in place a attractive business for international investors,” said OBG Africa Managing Director Karine Loehman.

Oumnia Boualam has a degree in economics from the University of Edinburgh. She is specialized in the study of emerging countries. For seven years with OBG, she has done work mainly in Africa, including Algeria, Ivory Coast and Egypt. After 12 years abroad, she returned to her native country to lead the OBG team in Casablanca.

François Farne holds a Masters in Management in International Business and Intercultural Marketing. He oversaw the implementation of economic reports in several countries such as Ghana, Guinea, Zambia and Iraq before joining OBG where he held positions in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Tunisia before being appointed in Morocco.

OBG recalls that Morocco is working on a 2020-2025 strategy to improve the business climate with the objective of integrating the top 50 best economies in the world in terms of business climate quality. Starting this year, Morocco will implement the long awaited reform of the Regional Investment Centers and the new investment charter. “The law on the reform of these centers and the creation of regional investment commissions is currently under consideration in the House of Representatives. In addition, the new investment charter, which will be announced in 2019, will provide a legal framework for investment incentives through simplified measures to improve the business environment, enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of the investment. Kingdom and to support sectoral strategies,” added Karine Loehman.

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