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InSight Probe reaches Mars ground and sends first photo

Mission accomplished. The NASA InSight probe landed on the surface of Mars on Monday and even sent a first photo of the red planet. After nearly seven months of interplanetary travel, the NASA InSight spacecraft landed on the surface of Mars on Monday, having survived the passage of the Red …

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Breathalyzers: Morocco strengthens control of motorists

The police have decided to reinforce breathalyzer tests in the coming days to reduce traffic accidents, one of the main causes of which is alcohol consumption. In the event of a check, the driver will be asked to blow into a breathalyzer. If the level of alcohol exhaled in the …

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Global Compact for Migration: absentees of Marrakesh

Two weeks before the World Summit in Marrakesh, which will see the adoption of the Global Compact for safe migration, orderly and regular, the list of countries resistant to this text, believed to promote a coordinated and harmonious management of migration internationally, elongates. Nearly 10 countries for the moment, American …

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