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Paris: Morocco participates in the UNESCO International Water Conference

A high-level conference on the challenge of access to water opened Monday at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris with the participation of Morocco.

This international conference, the first of its kind, was opened by the Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, in the presence of ministers from some 40 countries.

Morocco is represented by the Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, Abdelkader Amara.

The conference, which brings together for two days experts, researchers, representatives of civil society, the private sector and international organizations, will present innovative solutions to the problems related to the governance and management of this fragile resource.

The role that water plays in international cooperation will also be at the heart of the topics discussed.

“Access to water is not just about development. It is above all a fundamental right and an instrument of peace and security in the world,” stresses UNESCO, which also emphasizes the essential nature of water resources for sustainable development and the reduction of poverty.

Almost all human activities are dependent on water, whether in food production, energy, industry, or leisure, recalls the UN organization.

She adds that water management and governance influences the health of people and ecosystems, and reflects the conditions of gender equality, education, cultural diversity of a given region.

Water resources management

This conference, which also aims to build on the cross-sectoral management of water resources, brings together all stakeholders to discuss intersectoral approaches to governance and management of water resources and to share innovative solutions to current challenges.

It also aims to share good practices and raise awareness of the importance of interdisciplinarity and integration of science to help member states achieve the goals of the international water agendas.

The conference will focus on a high-level panel on water, a session on the links between energy and water in Africa and thematic panels that will address topics as diverse as “Water and technological innovation”,”Water education for sustainable development”,”Towards a new global vision for the ethics of water in the world”,”Data for decision-making in the field of water” , “Water and Heritage”, “Sustainable Water and Energy” and “Water and Disasters”.

Panels on “Energy and Water Interconnection in Africa”, “Towards a New Global Vision for Water Ethics in the World”, “Scientific Diplomacy for the Sustainable Development of Water Resources in the Region” Arab and neighboring countries” are also on the agenda of this conference.

According to UNESCO, land-based freshwater constitutes less than 1% of available water bodies.

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