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Parliamentarians warn of brain drain and Amzazi considers it an international problem

Parliamentary advisers warned on Tuesday of a rise in brain drain and national talent abroad and said it had reached alarming levels after college graduates were collectively considering leaving the country.

“This phenomenon has reached alarming levels in Morocco,” told a member of the Moroccan Labor Union’s group in the House of Counselors, during the weekly oral questions session. “The country has become the second source of competence in the Arab and Euro-Mediterranean countries”.

The parliamentary chancellor addressed the Minister of National Education and Higher Education: “These competencies in very specialized areas such as nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and electronic engineering, and migrate at a time when we suffer severe cuts in human resources.”

“90 percent of college and high school students dream of emigrating from Morocco, and this can be classified as a displacement of science to contribute to the development of diaspora countries,” she said.

The reasons for this phenomenon, according to the parliamentary adviser, “the failure of government policies in the formulation of a general strategy to integrate competencies in the labor market and the structural deficit of the national economy to create economic sectors quality.”

The emigration of Moroccan talent abroad linked with “the lack of a strategic vision to keep pace with graduates, the lack of modern infrastructure for scientific research, the lack of political will to raise scientific research, and the removal of wages and compensation compared to polarized countries.”

“This is an international problem that many countries suffer from, including Morocco,” said Minister Said Amzazi. “The mobility of talent is positive, but also negative.”

The positive side, according to the minister, lies in the acquisition of skills and abilities of these national talents, in addition to discovering another scientific environment, while the negative thing, adds Amzazi, is the survival of these energies in those countries because the environment is stimulating.

“The responsibility is not limited to the responsibility of one sector,” he said, stressing that the various sectors concerned must provide the necessary environment in order to find competencies conducive to employment and work.

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